SATOIL, is a multi discipline inspection and technical services company, which provides:

  • Lifting Equipment Inspection and Certification with Full Testing Facilities.
  • Inspection of Electrical & Instrument Equipment Installed in Hazardous Area.
  • Material Identification, Failure Analysis and Remaining Life Assessment.
  • Mechanical Design (CAD), Simulation (FEM), and Structural Integrity Assessment.
  • CCU Design and Fabrication based on BS 12079/Dnv 2.7-1.

with a focus on quality, health, safety and environmental sustainability. The company is certified for ISO 9001:2000 on Quality Management System and followed OHSAS 18001 on Safety Management System. It is approved by the MIGAS as an Inspection Company and member of Association of Inspection companies in Indonesia (APITINDO) and member of LEEA (Lifting Equipment Engineers Association). Satoil is a Depnaker approved inspection company for crane and forklift.


Satoil is the only company in Jakarta that has a state of the art testing facility for Loose Lifting Equipment (LLE) and in Indonesia that designs and fabricates CCU based on EN 12079/DNV 2.7-1.

Our top qualified team combined with high-tech/state-of-the-art testing equipment and a well established unique approach, which is aligned with international standards, constitute our key competitive advantage.

Vision : We envision a sustainable quality and service culture that enables us to add value to all stakeholders and create an environmentally conscious and safe Indonesian industry.

Mission : To ensure that service quality, health, safety, and environmental considerations remain top priorities for the Indonesian oil & gas industry.