Inspection of Electrical & Instrument Equipment Installed in Hazardous Area


This deal’s solely with the safety of hazardous area electrical installations in oil refineries, chemical plants, LNG plants, offshore installations and anywhere that a potentially explosive atmosphere could exist. Our inspections are based on the very latest international standards.

We provide a complete management service for your hazardous area inspection in-line with HSE requirements as follow:

  • Help with identifying your hazardous areas.
  • Assistance and advice on area classification and zones.
  • Risk assessment.
  • EX inspections in accordance with BS EN 60079-17.
  • Generating an inspection report for each piece of apparatus installed in the declared hazardous areas detailing non-conformances, defects and any repairs necessary.
  • Identifying any problem areas and making recommendations where improvements are necessary to comply with the latest legislation.
  • Returning to site to re-inspect and close-out any repairs necessary.
  • Creating an audit trail for your inspection and maintenance programme for scrutiny by the HSE and insurance companies. The audit trail will include classification, inspection, reporting, results, recommendations and conclusions.
  • Full ATEX / DSEAR compliance.
  • EX audits.

Example of installation :

Good Installation (left), Bad Insallation (right)