Material Identification and Failure Analysis

Failures of components or structures in industry give significant effect on continuity of production flow, which means a possibility to get financial and time loss or even human life. Failure of components or structures could be caused by wrong material selections, bad fabrication or assembly, or improper operational procedures during services. In addition, every plant component or structures is designed for limited life span which depends on the operating conditions as well as the maintenance programme. The life span will vary according to the component type. Generally the design life span is less than the absolute life span of its components in which any damage will be beyond repair. For a given operating condition, the economical life can be extended, provided that the remaining life has been known.


One of SATOIL services is to identify materials and classify them in line with the standard specifications by through :

  • Chemical Composition Tests
  • Metallographic Examinations
  • Hardness Tests
  • Tensile
  • Bending Tests

Then, if required, SATOIL can perform FAILURE ANALYSIS so that the remaining life of components or structures can be assessed by special methods which enable us to estimate the reliability of plant components and asses whether they remain safe during certain operation period.