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SATOIL, is a multi discipline inspection and technical services company, which provides :

  • Lifting Equipment Inspection and Certification with Full Testing Facilities.
  • Inspection of Electrical & Instrument Equipment Installed in Hazardous Area.
  • CCU Design and Fabrication based on BS 10855/DNV 2.7-1.
  • Horizontal Directional Driling Services.

With a focus on quality, health, safety and environmental sustainability. The company is certified for ISO 9001:2015 on Quality Management System and compliance to ISO 45001 on Health Safety Management System and ISO 14001 on Environmental Management Sytem (EMS). It is approved by the MIGAS as an Inspection Company and member of Association of Inspection companies in Indonesia (APITINDO) and member of LEEA (Lifting Equipment Engineers Association). SATOIL is a Depnaker approved inspection company for crane and forklift.


Providing good quality services to customers in a sustainable manner which allows to add value to stakeholders and create an environmentally conscious industry


Ensuring our services and service quality are in accordance with customer demands by paying attention to and implementing occupational safety and health


Lifting Equipment Inspection & Certification

Various lifting equipments used in the oil and gas industry possess its own danger that could lead to catastrophic chain of events. Lifting equipment can be subjected to operational and environmental conditions which may affect its safe working characteristics. Legislation therefore requires that lifting equipment if properly maintained and SAFE to operate at all times. To ensure suitable intervals. The period between inspections is depended on the utilization, environment or client requirements.

Satoil has been technically audited and has become a full member of LEEA (Lifting Equipment Engineers Association). All of SATOIL lifting inspectors has been trained to LEEA Standard.

Lifting Gear Inspection and Certification

Thoroughly periodic inspection of lifting gear is necessary as long as the equipments are used. We provide complete lifting gear inspection services for the offshore and onshore industries. Our inspectors are experienced in the oil and gas industry and other related industry therefore the inspections can be carried out according to related applicable requirements.

Inspection of Electrical and Instrument Equipment Installed in Hazardous Area

This deal’s solely with the safety of hazardous area electrically installations in oil refineries, chemical plants, LNG plants, offshore installations and anywhere that a potentially explosive atmosphere could exist. Our inspections are based on the very latest international standards.

We provide a complete management service for your hazardous area inspection in-line with HSE requirements as follow:

  • Help with identifying your hazardous areasAssistance and advice on area classification and zones
  • Risk assesment
  • EX inspections in accordance with BS EN 60079-17
  • Generating an inspection report for each piece of apparatus installed in the declared hazardous area detailing non-conformances, defects and any repairs necessary
  • Identifying any problem areas and making recommendations where improvements are necessary to comply with the latest legislation
  • Returning to site to re-inspect and close-out any repairs necessary
  • Creating an audit trail for your inspection and maintenance programme for scrutiny by the HSE and insurance companies. The audit trail will include classification, inspection, reporting, results, recommendations and conclusions
  • Full ATEX / DSEAR compliance
  • EX audits

CCU Design & Fabrication Based On BS EN ISO 10855 / DNV 2.7-1

SATOIL can provide design and manufacture offshore container or unit or basket or tool rack or storage based on BS EN ISO 10855/DNV 2.7-1. The design and appraisal will cover all specific requirements from the standards such as :

  • General and specific design requirements
  • Engineering calculation and stress analysis of the design.
  • Material used for fabrication.


We have our own facilities in our workshop such as gantry crane, pull test machine, rigging loft, dead weights and other inspection equipments. All of our facilities have passed the applicable provisions and are always maintained regularly.

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